Built on trust

In the 1960's, Nucor founder Ken Iverson started a small steel company on the idea that teammates, customers and communities could trust one another. Fifty years later, we are America’s largest steel producer. So while a lot has changed, we’d like to think very little has changed when it comes to what makes us who we are.

Every Nucor teammate lives and works together by the same core principles. We call it:

Our Family's Values.


Integrity / Trust

The fastest way to learn from a mistake is to own it. The surest way to win our customers’ trust is to deliver on our promises. Nucor encourages and rewards both.



We build partnerships based on integrity and trust with every teammate, partner and customer to ensure mutual long-term success.


Open Communication

For us, open communication is less like an ideal and more like a policy. We believe in the value of open and honest communication at all levels of our company.


Personal Responsibility

As a company, we control our fate. As teammates, we control our decisions, our actions and our success. Every Nucor teammate knows their team is depending on them to get the job done.



The steel industry is cyclical; we look at downturns as opportunities to prepare for rebounds. We embrace challenges as a team because negativity is counterproductive.


Innovative/Willing to Change

Nucor revolutionized the steel industry by taking risks and challenging the status quo. From the factory floor to the board room, flexibility is a key to our success.


Treat People the Right Way

You can’t go wrong doing the right thing. Here, we treat people like family.


Can-Do Attitude

In our early days, we earned a reputation for being the little steel company that could. Today, we remain focused on finding ways to say “yes” to each challenge we face.


Work Ethic

At Nucor, believing in a hard day’s work will never be old fashioned. We reward our teammates for their hard work, and they are among the most productive in the industry.


Pride in What We Do

Every ton of steel has a purpose, and our steel is made to last. Our product is the foundation of America’s future – that’s something to be proud of.

Employee Relations Principles: High performance. Inspired by trust.


People perform better when they are rewarded for a job well done. That’s why every Nucor teammate’s compensation is based on a pay-for-performance system tied to productivity. It’s no surprise we are one of the most productive steel companies in the world with industry-leading compensation.

Right to be Treated Fairly

We work hard to ensure our teammates know they will be treated fairly at all times, regardless of tenure, position or any other factor. In fact, this is why we call them teammates.

Avenue of Appeal

Nucor teammates always have a right to be heard, including the right to review and appeal decisions to the general manager or corporate office.

Do Your Job Well, Have It Tomorrow

We strive to provide job security, knowing it inspires confidence in the work our teammates do every day. In addition, we have a long-standing practice of not laying off our teammates due to a lack of work.