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Minds of Steel

The most innovative engineers use steel to transform creative ideas into realities. Let your projects soar higher and finish faster with steel.

The world is a better place when architects are thinking like engineers and engineers are thinking like architects.
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Why Steel?

The future of construction is built on steel. More than any other material, steel brings the strength, durability, constructability, and inherent sustainability needed to turn tomorrow’s ever-more-challenging and advanced builds into reality.

  1. Cost Efficiency

    Because structural steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, it reduces the overall cost of a building, enhances its value, and lowers foundation costs. Steel can also be constructed faster, which helps reduce labor hours and garners additional general condition savings.

  2. Faster Scheduling, Fewer Fixes

    Controlled, precise steel fabrication takes place off-site at the same time that preliminary site prep and foundation work are being done. When the steel arrives at the site, it can be erected quickly. This also helps mitigate potentially expensive fixes that may otherwise need to be done at the job site.

  1. Greater Aesthetic Appeal

    Structural steel frames let designers innovate and create buildings that adhere to aesthetic requirements in ways that other materials cannot. Structural steel is able to be curved and easily leveraged within unique building shapes, and its small footprint can help enhance the building’s transparency.

  2. Less Environmental Impact

    Steel’s recyclability impacts the environment less than other materials by its very nature. Nucor is America’s largest recycler, using recycled scrap to make high-quality 100% recyclable steel. Moreover, Nucor’s energy-efficient steel mills account for 24% of America’s steel production but only 8% of the industry’s direct greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. More Usable Space

    In comparison to other building materials, structural steel’s light weight and high strength offer more opportunities for long spans, open spaces with fewer columns, and smaller column footprints.

  2. Rugged Resilience

    Steel is noncombustible and resists decay. Its elasticity enables it to withstand and recover from extreme events, whether human-made or natural. It’s also readily and quickly available to help with relief efforts after extreme events occur.

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Join Construction Solutions in our first webinar discussing Steel, Sustainability and Solutions. We will discuss types of steelmaking, why sustainability and reporting matters, and the importance of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

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