Nucor is proud of our long-standing commitment to support members of the U.S. Armed Forces. When our teammates are called to action, we gladly hold their jobs, complement their military pay to match their Nucor salaries and extend their benefits while they’re away.



We actively recruit veterans when hiring. It’s our honor to work with America’s service men and women. Plus we believe that Nucor’s values are a perfect complement to values that are developed when serving one’s country.



  • Elliott Edwards / Melt Shop Electrical
    Supervisor / Nucor Steel Birmingham / Navy

    Elliott Edwards spent 12 years as a U.S. Navy electrician working on submarines. Upon joining Nucor, Elliot was pleased to see some of the most important aspects of the Navy were also found at Nucor.

    “The Navy’s core values, honor, courage and commitment, are the thing I’ve found has rolled over to Nucor,” remarks Elliot. “To me, the cultures are very similar. Like making sure fellow workers go home the same way they came in. The attention to safety and the way they empower every employee to do their best and be part of the process is what made it clear to me that this is the place I want to be.”

  • Aaron French / Melt Shop Electrical
    Supervisor / Nucor Steel Jackson / Navy

    Prior to Nucor, Aaron French spent five years as a nuclear electrician in the U.S. Navy. For Aaron, one of the best things about working for Nucor is being part of a culture that—like the Navy– values support, personal improvement and family.

    “To me, Nucor culture is similar to military culture in their camaraderie, teamwork, empowerment and responsibility. I would definitely tell my military friends there’s not a better company to work for when transitioning out of the military. The cultures are similarly aligned and Nucor truly cares about its veterans and their families. It’s also enabled me to provide opportunities to my family that I didn’t think I would be able to.”

  • Lashanda Banks / Warehouse Attendant
    Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa / Army Reserve

    Lashanda Banks currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves as an E7. Driven to always be better, Lashanda appreciates working for a company that helps her to do just that.

    “What I like most about working at Nucor is all the training and support that’s afforded to us. Since I started here, I’ve been able to go to high-angle training, fire school, first-responder training and more. Really anything that you want to do here, they’ll pay for you to do it. And as far as my military friends, I would tell them Nucor is a great place to work and a lot of the skills you learned in the military transfer onto the Nucor side.“

  • Adam Wallace / Warehouse Lead – Maintenance Nucor Steel Louisiana / Marines

    Adam Wallace is proud to have been a U.S. Marine for eight years, with corporal as his final ranking. Today, he is proud to be a part of building the Nucor Louisiana plant.

    “I came to work for Nucor for the opportunity I saw in Louisiana. Here we’re on the ground floor of what we feel like is something that’s going to be amazing. Where this plant will be ten years from now, I can tell my kids that I was here at the beginning. And It’s that vision, that camaraderie and that pride that makes my experience at Nucor so similar to my experience in the military. And I’m very proud of both.”

  • Henry Przekora / Melting-Casting Manager
    Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa / Air National Guard

    Henry Przekora served in the U.S. Air National Guard for more than seven years as an avionic navigation specialist. Today as a Melt Shop Manager for Nucor, Henry is excited to be part of another winning team.

    “At Nucor, you and your team are empowered. When your team is out in the field and has to make split-second decisions, you have the ability to make changes and do what’s needed to get the job done. Because at Nucor, no matter what team you’re on, you all share a common goal. And everybody pulls their weight to get to that common goal. It’s an opportunity to achieve whatever you want to achieve by working hard and working together with your team.”

  • Dan Brown / Electrical Lead / Nucor Steel Louisiana / Navy

    Dan Brown served for six years in the U.S. Navy as a fast attack submariner. Although the Nucor plant in Louisiana is entirely different than manning a submarine beneath the sea, Dan says there is one distinct similarity – the people.

    “From the first time I visited the plant, it was the people that really drew me in. There’s a very strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork within the Nucor culture, similar to the military. We all watch each other’s backs and help each other out. We’re a team. Plus, when you’re working alongside other former serviceman, you see the same qualities, like a strong work ethic, strong moral values and strong reliability. To me, it’s not surprising Nucor feels like home.”


Multiple divisions across the Nucor network have teamed up to support the construction of smart homes for severely wounded members of our armed forces. As part of this program, all proceeds from a variety of Nucor fundraising efforts are proudly donated to the Building for America’s Bravest program.